Boni Yayi, the President of Benin has linked his Twitter feed to his Facebook page where he has 22 times more followers than on Twitter.

President of Benin YAYIBONI

The presidential tweets are automatically generated from his Facebook page where his team regularly posts the latest press releases and speeches of the president in French. The account is also linked to his YouTube page, automatically tweeting “I have uploaded a video to YouTube…” Since joining Twitter on 30 December 2009 the president has never tweeted personally nor has he retweeted, @mentioned or @replied any other Twitter user. Not surprisingly the presidential account isn’t very popular. His most popular tweet has only been retweeted five times.

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Banquier et économiste de formation, Boni Yayi est à la tête de la République du Bénin depuis Avril…OBTgZ

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Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 12/30/2009
Language: French
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 0.53
Mentions/Tweet: 0.15
Tweets retweeted: 24%
Most mentioned @YouTube (139), @Dailymotion (1)

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Prime Minister of Benin Pascal I. Koupaki

Benin's Prime Minister Pascal Irénée Koupaki has a personal Twitter account which is only tweeting intermittently in French. His first tweet was sent to congratulate @BarackObama on his re-election on 7 November 2012. He has only sent 26 tweets so far, and he last tweeted on 28 October 28 2013.

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Pascal I. Koupaki


:: Compte Officiel de Pascal I. Koupaki :: Economiste et homme politique béninois. Premier Ministre du #BENIN de 2011 à 2013

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Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 11/03/2012
Language: French
Status: Dormant since 28.10.2013
Tweets/day: 0.04
Retweets: 15%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.19
Replies/Tweet: 0.12
Tweets retweeted: 54%
Most mentioned @lionelchobli (2), @BarackObama (1), @Capjeunes (1), @Pontifex (1)

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