The government of Burundi maintains two Twitter accounts one for the presidency and the other for the government which has gone silent in early 2013.

Presidency of Burundi Burundi | Présidence

President #PierreNkurunziza and #Burundi are the most used hashtags on the Twitter account of Burundi’s presidency. The account which was established on 3 February 2012 chronicles the activities of President Pierre Nkurunziza in French. The administration posts on average one tweet every two days mainly promoting the activities of the president including pictures of his bilateral meetings. The account tweets mainly from an iPad and an iPhone but rarely @replies to other Twitter users. The presidency in Bujumbura mutually follows its northern neighbor, the government of Rwanda @RwandaGov and the @PresidenceMali.

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 02/03/2012
Language: French
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 0.51
Retweets: 5%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.16
Replies/Tweet: 0.02
Tweets retweeted: 62%
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Government of Burundi Burundi Government

The institutional Twitter account of the Burundi government @BurundiGov was set up on 14 August 2010 but has gone silent on 27 January 2013, probably replaced by the presidential account above. The governmental account was created after Pierre Nkurunziza was re-elected president and has been tweeting intermittently, suspending its posts tweets between March 2011 and January 2012 and again in January 2013. The account is run by the government administration which simply tweets press releases and official communiqués published on its website, including the title in capital letters. The account clearly does not interact with its followers, nor uses any @replies, @mentions or hashtags.

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Burundi Government


Portail des institutions de la République du Burundi

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 08/14/2010
Language: French
Status: Dormant since 27.01.2013
Tweets/day: 0.2
Retweets: 1%
Tweets retweeted: 24%
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