Paul Biya, the president of Cameroon since 1982, has two Twitter accounts. A verified account @PaulBiya which was only active for a fortnight in the run-up to elections in October 2011 and his campaign account @PR_Paul_Biya, which is still active today.

President of Cameroon President Paul Biya

President Paul Biya’s campaign account was particularly active during the elections in October 2011 in which he won a sixth term in office which led him to tweet: “Slowly but surely, we are acquiring that famous culture of democracy, which is our objective.” His Twitter stream is a mix of the president's official matters and announcements in French and sometimes in English. The account tweets in the first person but it is not clear whether the Paul Biya tweets himself. The account generally tweets which heads of state and ambassadors he has welcomed, sending congratulations and condolences to other world leaders and reporting which laws he has signed and which letters he has received. Almost every single tweet includes a link to the official government website. President Biya also tweets occasional quotes from former American presidents including Roosevelt, Lincoln, Carter and Washington and quotes from Martin Luther King. His most popular tweet, retweeted 21 times is the announcement that: “Cameroonians, all united, commemorate the 30th anniversary of my accession to the presidency:”

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President Paul Biya


2e président du Cameroun, j'ai accédé à la présidence le 06 nov 1982 après la démission du Président A. AHIDJO. Depuis, le renouveau du Cameroun est en marche.

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President of Cameroon Paul Biya

Paul Biya’s verified account was active from 23 September 2011 to 6 October three days before the presidential elections. He tweeted again on 8 October after the elections saying Together we will continue to do great things both in English and French. His 57 tweets are in both French and English, encouraging his followers to give him a clear majority: “We should win with an overwhelming majority in order to improve the living standards of our people”, promising that “Together we will continue to do great things”. Paul Biya eventually secured a sixth term as president of Cameroon polling 77.9% of votes cast.

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Paul Biya


Président de la République - President of the Republic

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