Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has put the country on the Twitter map frequently tweeting on his personal account and the institutional account of the Foreign Ministry.

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn joined Twitter on May 30, 2011 @HailemariamD when he was Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia. He has only sent four tweets between 30 May 2011 and 7 May 2012 when the account went dormant. His last tweet was sent on 7 May 2012 saying Happy Birthday to former Ethiopian Prime Minister @MelesZenawi. His profile hasn’t been updated either and is still sporting his former position.

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Hailemariam Desalegn


Deputy-Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Deputy-Chairman of @EPRDF

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Joined Twitter: 05/30/2011
Language: English
Status: Dormant since 07.05.2012
Tweets/day: 0
Mentions/Tweet: 2.25
Tweets retweeted: 100%
Most mentioned @MelesZenawi (5), @HailemariamD (1), @calestous (1), @ECA_OFFICIAL (1), @tekeste (1)

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Foreign Minister of Ethiopia Tedros Adhanom

Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus signed up to Twitter on 12 September 2010 but after sending three tweets the account fell silent until 3 May 2013 when @DrTedros resumed his Twitter activity. The Foreign Minister tweets on average eight times a day in English and sometimes in Amharic often retweeting tweets from @mfaethiopia. @DrTedros sometimes tweets personal observations and a quarter of his tweets are personal @replies to his followers. His tweets are quite engaging and conversational; tweeting about diverse topics such as football and IGAD, the organisation of six eastern African countries focused on drought control and development initiatives. He uses hashtags often, with the most popular one being #Ethiopia, #Somalia and #Africa. The Foreign Minister even publishes his email on his Twitter profile.

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Tedros Adhanom


Official Account of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of #Ethiopia. @mfaethiopia To contact me, email:

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Joined Twitter: 09/12/2010
Language: English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 7.84
Retweets: 57%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.23
Replies/Tweet: 0.14
Tweets retweeted: 33%
Most mentioned @DrTedros (27), @mahlet_t (22), @mfaethiopia (17), @DireTube (13), @calestous (12), @AskarAmin (12), @kibralem (12), @ShareThis (12), @justineetG (11), @allafrica (10)

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Foreign Ministry of Ethiopia Ethiopian Diplomacy

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, @mfaethiopia joined Twitter on 26 February 2013 and has been fairly active with more than seven tweets per day. The account provides the latest news and information about the activities of Foreign Minister @DrTedros who is frequently mentioned in the Twitter feed. The account often tweets from the web but also uses an iPhone to share pictures of his meetings and international summits. It uses on average more than two hashtags in each tweet namely #Ethiopia, #News and #Africa. The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry is well connected mutually follows eleven other Foreign Services.

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Ethiopian Diplomacy


Latest news and information from the official twitter account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia @mfaethiopia #Ethiopia #InspiringAfricasFuture

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Joined Twitter: 02/26/2013
Language: English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 6.94
Retweets: 2%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.81
Replies/Tweet: 0.21
Tweets retweeted: 83%
Most mentioned @DrTedros (1918), @_AfricanUnion (124), @UN (94), @EthioEmbassyUK (38), @mfaethiopia (28), @Ethiopia_EU (27), @UKenyatta (23), @Ethiopia_UN (20), @amisomsomalia (18), @ALEMAYEHUTEGENU (17)

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