The Twitter account of Armando Guebuza, the President of Mozambique was set up in January 2010 with the sole purpose of distributing his speeches but it has been dormant since 8 February 2012.

President of Mozambique Armando Guebuza

Initially the account was linked to his YouTube channel automatically sharing the uploading of the videos of his latest speeches. After a long break between September 2010 and October 2011 the presidential administration started to publish the full text of his speeches on his blog Whenever a new speech is available it is automatically tweeted on his Twitter account. So far the account has shared links to 22 speeches with its 22 tweets. Obviously the President of Mozambique does not tweet himself and does not aim to connect with his followers. His account fell silent on 8 February 2012.

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Armando Guebuza


Presidente da República de Moçambique. Republic of Mozambique´s President

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Joined Twitter: 01/18/2010
Language: Portuguese
Status: Dormant since 08.02.2012
Tweets/day: 0.01
Tweets retweeted: 50%
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