Nigeria’s president-elect is an avid Twitter user and has a personal account compared to outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan who had two Twitter accounts, none of which are currently active.

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President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari was very active on Twitter during the election campaign in 2015 posting up to 60 tweets per day. Since his election on 11 April 2015 his Twitter activity has slowed a bit. @Mbuhari signs his personal tweets with his initials –GMB and has been very effective averaging more than 500 retweets for every tweet sent.

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Muhammadu Buhari


This is the official account of Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria | Personal tweets are signed -MB

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Joined Twitter: 22/12/2014
Language: English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 14.98
Retweets: 82%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.02
Replies/Tweet: 0.11
Tweets retweeted: 18%
Most mentioned @ProfOsinbajo (8), @channelstv (3), @MAVINRECORDS (1), @Sahfeeyah_GCFR (1), @Cc_HUB (1), @estherclimate (1), @KemiYunus1 (1), @atiku (1), @muktadagm (1), @gbengasesan (1)
Average of retweets 544

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