Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s authorities have started to use Twitter in 2012 with an official presidential Twitter account managed by the president’s communication unit and a personal account for President Ernst Bai Koroma both of which have stopped their activity.

President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma

Sierra Leone’s President Ernst Bai Koroma started his Twitter journey in the beginning of 2013 sharing the “The text of the speech during the State Opening of Parliament”. The president’s Twitter activity stopped at the end of May 2013. His last tweet is about a charity run to support a worthy cause and to get children off the streets and into school. While it was active, the account mainly retweeted tweets from the official @StateHouseSL account.

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Ernest Bai Koroma


I am Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. I became President of Sierra Leone in 2007 and I was re-elected for a second term - Nov. 2012

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 01/08/2013
Language: English
Status: Dormant since 27.05.2013
Tweets/day: 0.04
Retweets: 32%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.07
Replies/Tweet: 0.07
Tweets retweeted: 39%
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Presidency of Sierra Leone State House

The official Twitter account of Sierra Leone’s State House makes an extensive use of pictures which are included in most of its tweets. The Twitter feed of Sierra Leone’s State House was set up in August 2012 and all the tweets are produced by the communications unit @CommsUnitSL. @StateHouseSL is quite active with more than three tweets each day, a third being retweets from the @CommsUnitSL account, which in turn retweets the @StateHouseSL tweets. Activity seems to have halted though as there have been no tweets since 5 March 2014.

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State House


Office of the President of Sierra Leone. Tweets by @CommsUnitSL managed by @jaraski.

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 08/26/2012
Language: English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 2.8
Retweets: 30%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.05
Replies/Tweet: 0
Tweets retweeted: 56%
Most mentioned @CommsUnitSL (54), @StateHouseSL (12), @UN (11), @PresidenceMali (4), @MarkJSimmonds (3), @UKenyatta (3), @StateHouseKenya (2), @Pr_Alpha_Conde (2), @Masdar (2), @richardhowitt (2)

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Presidency of Sierra Leone Communications Unit

The Twitter account of the presidential communications unit (@CommsUnitSL) is currently the only active Twitter channel of the government of Sierra Leone. The account tweets on average four times per day and more than half of its tweets are retweets of the @StateHouseSL Twitter account. The account is unilaterally following 20 other world leaders but is mutually only connected to the @PresidenceMali. The account makes an abundant use of photos to showcase the activities of President Ernst Bai Koroma.

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Communications Unit


Communications Unit @StateHouseSL. Tweets managed by @jaraski. Re-tweets do NOT imply endorsement or agreement...#SierraLeone

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 08/28/2012
Language: English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 3.46
Retweets: 50%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.1
Replies/Tweet: 0.01
Tweets retweeted: 26%
Most mentioned @StateHouseSL (161), @UN (23), @Heineken (14), @jaraski (12), @WhiteHouse (9), @BarackObama (9), @UNIDO (8), @VP (7), @PatSowe (4), @Arsenal (4)

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