Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete and Foreign Minister Bernard Membe have been putting the country on the Twitter map since 8 April 2011 and 28 May 2012 respectively.

Tweets from Tanzania leaders

President of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete

Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete is one of the most conversational world leaders on Twitter as almost two thirds of his tweets are @replies to his followers, often simple ‘thank yous’ for their comments and compliments. Jakaya Kikwete tweets in English and Swahili and sends on average one tweet per day. Eight percent of his tweets are retweets, often of Foreign Minister @BernardMembe and Deputy Minister of Communications @JMakamba. President Kikwete’s account was verified by Twitter but he is not the best connected, only following eight people including his foreign minister but no other world leader.

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Jakaya Kikwete


4th President of #Tanzania | UDSM Chancellor | CCM Chairman | High Level Representative of #African Union to #Libya | Global Ambassador for Immunization

Peer connections (as of April 2015)

Tweet analytics (as of April 2015)

Joined Twitter: 03/21/2011
Language: English/Swahili
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 1.10
Retweets: 8%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.68
Replies/Tweet: 0.59
Tweets retweeted: 48%
Most mentioned @lifeofmshaba (34), @YerickoNyerere (31), @Ronaldlovechild (18), @Chahali (16), @AnnieTANZANIA (15), @MissGeorgios (14), @kaseko (14), @Benjamin_Masige (14), @FoundationJM (13), @calestous (13).
Average of retweets 25

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Foreign Minister of Tanzania Bernard Membe

Foreign Minister Bernard Membe, tweets once per day on average in English and Swahili since June 2012. Almost 30% of his tweets are retweets and the foreign minister mentions other Twitter users in every third tweet and a fifth of his tweets are @replies to other users. In September 2012, Membe also used his Twitter feed to rally his followers around Tanzania’s position in the dispute with Malawi over Lake Malawai (Lake Nyasa in Tanzania) by retweeting his message: “If you support the position of Tanzania that the border in Lake Nyasa passes through the middle and that Tanzania has the right to own the lake, Retweet”. It remains his most retweeted tweet.

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Bernard Membe


Former Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Republic of Tanzania

Tweet analytics (as of April 2015)

Joined Twitter: 05/28/2012
Language: English/Swahili
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 1.39
Retweets: 29%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.38
Replies/Tweet: 0.21
Tweets retweeted: 57%
Most mentioned @BernardMembe (38), @jmkikwete (30), @zittokabwe (29), @Semkae (23), @Chahali (20), @lifeofmshaba (14), @bajabiri (12), @tonytogolani (12), @fredkavishe (11), @AMB_A_Mohammed (11).
Average of retweets 9

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Foreign Ministry of Tanzania foreigntanzania

Tanzania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs joined Twitter on 13 February 2014 and has been tweeting intermittently on average once every four days. @ForeignTanzania tweets in English and Swahili and the majority of the tweets are foreign policy announcements linking back to its foreign affairs blog. The account does not use any hashtags nor does it respond to people and is mutually only following the @MFA_Russia.

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Official tweeter account for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, East African, Regional and International Cooperation

Tweet analytics (as of April 2015)

Joined Twitter: 02/13/2014
Language: English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 0.23
Retweets: 1%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.01
Tweets retweeted: 32%
Most mentioned @YouTube (1).
Average of retweets 2

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