Twitter is not yet widely used by Kyrgyz politicians. Former Prime Minister @OmurbekBabanov has suspended his Twitter activity, the @KyrgyzRepublic account is also dormant since August 2010, the @Kyrgyzokmot account linked on their government’s website is suspended.

Foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan МИД КР

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs set up the @pressslujba account in August 2012 and posts sporadically, mainly announcements and statements from the Foreign Ministry’s website in Russian. The account rarely @replies or @mentions other users but does follow a number of other foreign ministries and some ministers for foreign affairs.

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Официальный twitter-аккаунт Министерства иностранных дел Кыргызской Республики

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 08/03/2012
Language: Russian
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 1
Retweets: 2%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.02
Replies/Tweet: 0.01
Tweets retweeted: 13%
Most mentioned @vb_kg (4), @knews_kg (3), @YouTube (2), @zignich001 (1), @ShareThis (1), @MFA_KZ (1), @KyrgyzstanKyrgy (1)

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