Lebanese political leaders are quite active on Twitter former Prime Ministers Saad Hariri (@HaririSaad) and Najib Mikati (@Najib_Mikati) both have a large following of more than 369,000 and 159,000 followers respectively tweeting personally. President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Tammam Salam both maintain active personal accounts.

President of Lebanon Michel Sleiman

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman started using Twitter on 27 March 2010, he is also one of the few heads of state who occasionally tweets himself, signing this personal tweets MS, many of which are sent directly from his Blackberry. His tweets are focused on how to make Lebanon a better democratic country, the role of the Lebanese military, local and government news, events and conferences he attends, Syrian news that affects Lebanon, and updates on relations with Israel. In November 2012 he conducted two impromptu late night Twitter chats @replying to a series of questions from his followers on Twitter and even sharing his personal gmail address: “@LAHOUDInaya Please send a detailed account of your problem to president.msleiman@gmail.com.” The presidential Twitter account which began posting in English in 2010 became bilingual in early 2012 and started posting mainly in Arabic. In February 2012 President Sleiman personally weighed in on the discussion about insults to the president: “One cannot insult the presidency, because the presidency is the rock on which the waves break-MS.” he tweeted.

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Michel Sleiman


12th President of Lebanon - Tweets directly from the President are signed -MS.

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 03/27/2010
Language: Arabic/English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 0.98
Retweets: 25%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.12
Replies/Tweet: 0.07
Tweets retweeted: 63%
Most mentioned @TajaddodYouth (7), @ALJADEEDNEWS (4), @Lebaneseuk (3), @ZSalameh13 (3), @Maher_Tahan (3), @Ayman_alshami (3), @Beirutiyat (3), @khazen (3), @Marcel_Ghanem (3), @TheInnerCircle (3)

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Prime Minister of Lebanon Tammam Salam

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Tammam Salam’s account was launched on 5 July 2012 and is managed by his team. His personal tweets are signed TS. His statements are mostly in Arabic and he mainly tweets about politics and what needs to be done in the best interests of Lebanon, across socio-economic aspects. Tammam Salam occasionally engages with his followers through retweets and @replies. He has started posting pictures, even sharing a personal picture with his mother: “A recent picture of me with my Mom ... God bless her. TS.

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Tammam Salam


The official twitter account of the Prime Minister of Lebanon Tammam Salam

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 06/05/2012
Language: Arabic
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 0.49
Retweets: 9%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.2
Replies/Tweet: 0.11
Tweets retweeted: 58%
Most mentioned @fmnsouli (14), @YouTube (14), @AlRiyadiClub (6), @mahmoud_jaafar (3), @htabesh (3), @ElnashraNews (3), @che_fah (3), @wissamreid (2), @KhaledNsouli (2), @Annahar (2)

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Foreign Minister of Lebanon Gebran Bassil

Gebran Bassil, Lebanon’s foreign minister launched his Twitter account on July 2010 to share updates about his political opinions and to share the news about events and activities that he participates in. Gebran Bassil tweets in Arabic and English and occasionally in French. He often shares links to pictures on his Instagram account.

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Gebran Bassil


Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 07/14/2010
Language: Arabic
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 9.37
Retweets: 30%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.12
Replies/Tweet: 0.05
Tweets retweeted: 54%
Most mentioned @Kalamennas (81), @OTVLebanon (16), @NicolaSehnaoui (16), @LebanonConnect (12), @ISurkos (9), @FedericaMog (7), @DailyStarLeb (6), @mestrate (5), @EliasBouSaab (5), @HMATomFletcher (5)

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