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The prime minister of the State of Palestine Rami Hamdalla does not have a personal Twitter account. So far @PalestinianGov is the only official Twitter account of the Palestinian Authority.

Government of State of Palestine Gov. Media Center

The Palestinian government media centre manages the institutional Twitter account of the Palestinian Authority. @PalestinianGov was established at the end of October 2009 as a platform for the Palestinian Authority to engage with media by disseminating the latest news and updates on government activities, initiatives as well as invitations to press events. Most tweets link to the Facebook page of the media centre of the Palestinian government. Interestingly, the @PalestinianGov is unilaterally followed by the English Twitter account of the @IsraeliPM. However it hasn’t reciprocated yet and isn’t following any other Twitter user. Its most popular tweet is the notice that “Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah does not have a personal Twitter account”. However there is a @RamiHamdalla Twitter account which is linked to his Facebook page, where he has more than 100,000 likes and all the tweets are automatically generated whenever a new post goes up on his Facebook page.

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Gov. Media Center


PGMC is responsible for managing the outflow of governmental media relations and information data collected through Arab, Israeli, and foreign media outlets.

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