Emomali Rahmon has been head of state of Tajikistan since 1992. Since April 2011 the president has had a personal Twitter account and the presidential administration is represented since May 2012.

President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon

Emomali Rahmon has only tweeted 24 times since setting up his Twitter account on April 2011 and the verdict is still out as to its authenticity. The account has posted six pictures of his meetings and trips abroad and a video of his interview with Euronews television. The account tweets mainly in Tajik but he has sent birthday greetings to @BarackObama on 4 August 2012. @EmomaliRahmon unilaterally follows US President Barack Obama and Turkish President Abdullah Gül.

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Emomali Rahmon


The President of Republic of Tajikistan.

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Joined Twitter: 04/03/2011
Language: Russian
Status: Dormant since 09.11.2013
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Tweets retweeted: 45%
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Presidency of Tajikistan presstj

@Presstj is the official channel of the presidential administration of Tajikistan. All the tweets contain a link to the official government webpage informing about the president`s activities. The accounts tweets on average every two days but has never @mentioned or @replied. The account has only posted one picture of President Emomali Rahmon and it is not following any other Twitter user.

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Joined Twitter: 05/14/2012
Language: Tadjik
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