The Uzbek government started to tweet on the 23 September 2009 with the re-launch of its government web portal.

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Government of Uzbekistan GOV.UZ

The @GOVuz account tweets official government news mainly in Russian, but sometimes in Uzbek and rarely English. The account, set up on 18 September 2009 posts only intermittently whenever a new story is published on the government’s website. The account doesn’t try to be conversational having never sent a single @mention or @reply or a picture.

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The Governmental Portal of The Republic of Uzbekistan is the official state information resource of the Government of The Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Joined Twitter: 09/18/2009
Language: Russian
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 2.44
Retweets: 0%
Tweets retweeted: 25%
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Average of retweets 2

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