The Uzbek government started to tweet on the 23 September 2009 with the re-launch of its government web portal.

Government of Uzbekistan GOV.UZ

The account tweets official government news mainly in Russian, but sometimes in Uzbek and English. The news value of the tweets is rather low considering that only 23% of its tweets have ever been retweeted. The account doesn’t try to be conversational having never sent a single @mention or @reply.

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The Governmental Portal of The Republic of Uzbekistan is the official state information resource of the Government of The Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Joined Twitter: 09/19/2009
Language: Russian
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 2.78
Retweets: 0%
Tweets retweeted: 23%
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Tweet history

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Translation: The country began the traditional Week of ICT «InfoCom 2009"

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Translation: July 19, 1996 the first Uzbek car rolled off the Asaka automobile assembly line