Bulgarian politicians have been slow in adopting Twitter to communicate with their constituents. However, the Bulgarian presidency, the foreign ministry and Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin have Twitter representations. Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev used Twitter briefly during his election campaign in autumn 2011.

President of Bulgaria Росен Плевнелиев

Rosen Plevneliev’s Twitter stint has been rather short-lived. His campaign account was set up on 29 September 2011. His campaign team sent the last tweet a month later on 30 October 2011, a fuzzy TwitPic of his press conference after winning a majority of 52.58% defeating Ivaylo Kalfin from the Bulgarian Socialist Party in the second round of the presidential elections. His most popular tweet is his statement that: “Foreign policy must mirror the interests of the country, not through isolation but through connectivity.” In late May 2012 an un-official Twitter account @BulGovernment was set up based on an automated feed from the government website.

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Росен Плевнелиев


Страница на Росен Плевнелиев, поддържана от щаба за президентската кампания #rplevneliev2011. Туитовете от Росен са подписани с инициали РП

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Presidency of Bulgaria Bulgarian Presidency

The administration of the Bulgarian presidency started tweeting on 5 August 2012 and sends on average 4.3 tweets each day mainly in Bulgarian. The account chronicles the activity of President Rosen Plevneliev and often links back to statements on the presidential website. The account is not interactive in that only 4% are retweets and there few @replies. Furthermore, the presidential account is unilaterally following 17 other global leaders and has mutual connections with the Brazilian President, the EU Commission and the Serbian government.

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Bulgarian Presidency


Administration of the Bulgarian President - Press Office/Администрация на Президента

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Foreign Minister of Bulgaria Kristian Vigenin

Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin was an early adopter of Twitter setting up his account when he was member of the European Parliament on 7 May 2009. Since becoming minister of foreign affairs he has continued to tweet mainly sharing official announcements and statements in Bulgarian from the foreign ministry’s website. Kristian Vigenin rarely retweets, @mentions or @replies other users. @Vigenin is mutually connected with three other foreign ministries, namely the EU External Action Service @eu_eeas, the European Commission @EU_Commission, and the UK @ForeignOffice.

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Foreign Ministry of Bulgaria MFA Bulgaria

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria has been tweeting since 18 April 2010 mainly posting statements from its website on its Twitter feed. The account tweets on average less than once a day in Bulgarian and in English on the same Twitter feed. The ministry has started to share pictures of meetings of Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin. @MFABulgaria is unilaterally following 46 other world leaders and mutually connected to 39 foreign ministries and foreign ministers.

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MFA Bulgaria


Министерство на външните работи на Република България | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria

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