In Kosovo, the president, the prime minister, and the minister of foreign affairs all have institutional or personal Twitter accounts in a concerted effort to put the nation on the digital world map.

President of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga

Kosovo’s President Atifete Jahjaga set up her personal Twitter account on 7 November 2012 but her first tweet was sent only on 5 March 2013. It was a link to an article about how women in the Balkans were leading the political revolution. Her tweets are in both English and Albanian; her team updates followers on her agenda and speeches and often posts pictures of the president’s bilateral meetings. She is somewhat active with one tweet per day but rarely retweets or @mentions and never @replies.

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Atifete Jahjaga


President of the Republic of Kosovo

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 11/07/2012
Language: English/Albanian
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 0.94
Retweets: 36%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.09
Tweets retweeted: 53%
Most mentioned @BlavatnikSchool (5), @WilliamJHague (5), @DGSiDurham (4), @vloracitaku (3), @TerryBranstad (2), @BorutPahor (1), @PeaceCorps (1), @ediramaal (1), @ForumCities (1), @IsabelMosk (1)

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Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi

The Twitter account of Kosovos’ Prime Minister @PMKosovo was renamed to @HashimThaciPM giving it a personal touch for the elections in June 2014. The account was set up on 3 November 2011 and before being renamed, the daily updated were all linking to the prime minister’s web page. The team managing the account often tweets pictures of his international meetings and campaign rallies. Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi does take the occasional selfie and often retweets selfies in which he features including a selfie taken by his Albanian counterpart Edi Rama @EdiRamaal. However there is little engagement with other users. The tweets are mostly in Albanian but English is often used when addressing an international audience. The most retweeted tweet is a thank-you message to the 40 US Congressmen who supported the inclusion of Kosovo into NATO’s Partnership for Peace program. The prime minister has 10 mutual connections with his peers.

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Twitter unreachable or account doesn't exist...

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 11/02/2011
Language: Albanian
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 1.14
Retweets: 14%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.05
Replies/Tweet: 0.01
Tweets retweeted: 42%
Most mentioned @ediramaal (6), @EBRD (4), @PresidentKosovo (3), @NATO (3), @FedericaMog (2), @AgimCeku (2), @StefanFuleEU (2), @StateDept (2), @WorldBank (2), @mimozakusari (1)

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Foreign Minister of Kosovo Enver Hoxhaj

Kosovan Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj opened his personal Twitter account on 4 April 2013. He is quite active with over three tweets per day and tweets mostly in English. @Enver_Hoxhaj is using Twitter to create mutual connections with his peers. He is unilaterally following 125 other world leaders and mutually connected with 42. He mentions other Twitter users in every third tweet while the retweets are almost 30% of his total updated. The most popular tweet is a photo with the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates, HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan after a meeting in March 2014. #Kosovo is by far the most used hashtag while discussed, today, meeting and support are the words that appear more often in his stream.

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Enver Hoxhaj


Member of Kosovo Parliament & Former Foreign Minister (2011-2014)

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 04/04/2013
Language: English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 2.76
Retweets: 30%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.34
Replies/Tweet: 0.03
Tweets retweeted: 68%
Most mentioned @MFAKOSOVO (22), @ditmirbushati (18), @AuswaertigesAmt (16), @OIC_OCI (11), @Europarl_EN (11), @eihsanoglu (10), @coe (10), @AmbTracey (10), @LinkeviciusL (9), @StefanFuleEU (9)

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Foreign Ministry of Kosovo MFAKosovo

The foreign ministry of Kosovo sent its first tweet on 3 August 2011 announcing a live interview with Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj on the BBC. The account is very active with over five tweets a day and three quarters of its tweets are retweets of mostly Foreign Minister @Enver_Hoxhaj and Deputy Foreign Minister @Petrit Selimi. @MFAKOSOVO maintains a Twitter list of its 33 strong staff on Twitter. In January 2014 the account launched a competition for the best photo representing Kosovo via the hashtag #InstaKosovo, a digital diplomacy initiative to celebrate six years of independence.




The latest diplomatic & political news from official & other sources from #Kosova / #Kosovo and the #Balkans. RTs not endorsment.

Tweet analytics (as of November 2014)

Joined Twitter: 05/09/2011
Language: English
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 4.93
Retweets: 76%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.09
Replies/Tweet: 0.02
Tweets retweeted: 15%
Most mentioned @Enver_Hoxhaj (34), @Petrit (30), @MFAKOSOVO (15), @IISS_org (8), @InterfaithRKS (6), @PresidentKosovo (6), @foreignoffice (5), @ksBritish (5), @MeGovernment (4), @AlbanianMFA (4)

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