Dutch leaders’ communication on Twitter can be characterized as quite official. Tweets from the Dutch Royal House, the Prime Minister are all run by the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, the government information service.

Tweets from Netherlands leaders

Royal House of Netherlands Koninklijk Huis

The royal account is maintained by the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, the government information service who handles the communications of the Royal House and neither the King nor the Queen has ever sent a tweet themselves. The @KoninklijkHuis does not follow any other Twitter user, not even Dutch Prime Minister @MinPres. The tweets are mainly official announcements about upcoming events members of the royal family attend. Not surprisingly the words that are used most on the Twitter stream are Queen, King, Prince and Princess. The most retweeted tweet is the announcement by the government information service that former Queen Beatrix will appear on national television on 28 January 2013. During her speech she announced her abdication in favour of her son Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

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Koninklijk Huis


Dit is het officiële Twitter-kanaal over het Koninklijk Huis van de Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst. This is the official Twitter account of the Dutch Royal House

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Prime Minister of Netherlands Minister-president

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has an institutional account maintained by the government information service. The account has almost 400 thousand followers including 31 other world leaders, but is not following any other Twitter user. According to the account’s description, “We look forward to your comments” howeer the account can hardly be described as conversational. The tweets sent by the Prime Minister’s office are mainly official announcements about upcoming press conferences, his daily schedule and government decisions. Sometimes, videos with a short message from the Prime Minister are published, for example during foreign visits. The Prime Minister account tweets mainly in Dutch but also retweets English and occasional French tweets.

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Minister-president van Nederland – Redactie door de Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst – Wij zijn benieuwd naar jullie reacties

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Tweets retweeted: 95%
Most mentioned @MinPres (139), @LodewijkA (31), @MaximeVerhagen (14), @JCdeJager (6), @eliodirupo (4), @J_Dijsselbloem (4), @SvenKramer86 (3), @Xavier_Bettel (3), @BarackObama (2), @astro_andre (2).
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Government of Netherlands Rijksoverheid

The Dutch government uses the @Rijksoverheid account “to answer your questions about regulation and legislation” and not surprisingly the account is among the top ten most conversational accounts with more than two-thirds of its tweets being @replies. The Twitter account is officially one of the ways in which Dutch citizens can contact the government, however the Twitter account is only active during regular office hours between 08:00 and 20:00 on weekdays as indicated in its bio. Besides ‘governmental customer care’ the account is also used to publish a very wide range of government, legislation and policy related information. Its most popular tweet is a warning about fake emails sent on behalf of the government.

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Wij beantwoorden hier graag je vragen over beleid, wet- en regelgeving van de Rijksoverheid | ma-vr 8.00-20.00 | Twitterbeleid op

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Foreign Ministry of Netherlands MinBuZa

The Foreign Ministry in The Hague tweets in Dutch (@MinBuZa) and in English (@DutchMFA), and its Dutch account has attracted twice as many followers. The Twitter feed rarely retweets but broadcasts news regarding the ministry, updates on issues of foreign affairs and news about the activities of Foreign Minister Bert Koenders who does not have a personal Twitter account. Both accounts feature relatively few conversations. Its most retweeted tweet was sent on 17 July 2014 when the Foreign Ministry set up a hotline for the family members of the victims of flight MH17, shot down over Eastern Ukraine. The Dutch foreign ministry is mutually following 48 other world leaders on the English account and since August 2013 its Strategy Advisory Unit also maintains a separate @NL_MFA_strategy Twitter account which is mutually connected with 25 other foreign ministries.

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Ministerie van BZ


Volg @MinBZ voor updates over het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

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