The government of the Bahamas is not active on Twitter. The Twitter account of Prime Minister Perry Christie was set up to help him win the elections in May 2012. He occasionally used it for personal announcements such as the passing of his 81-year old mother-in-law.

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Prime Minister of Bahamas Perry Christie

Perry Christie’s Twitter account was created on 2 December 2010 and has been mainly used for campaign purposes, providing updates on his visits around the islands and personal commentaries on daily political developments. The account has only tweeted 34 times and went silent on 14 July 2012. When it was active Christie mentioned @myplp_believe, the Progressive Liberal Party’s Twitter account in all of his tweets. On Election Day, on 7 May 2012 he tweeted: "Good morning Bahamas. We go to the polls to chart our future. I encourage you to vote PLP and Believe in the Bahamas. Peace”, including a link to Bill Withers song "Lovely Day" on YouTube. His tweet of his swearing-in ceremony has become his most popular tweet. Perry Christie doesn’t follow any other world leader.

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Perry Christie


Prime Minister and leader of the Progressive Liberal Party

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Joined Twitter: 12/02/2010
Language: English
Status: Dormant since 14.07.2012
Tweets/day: 0.03
Retweets: 3%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.82
Replies/Tweet: 0.03
Tweets retweeted: 32%
Most mentioned @MYPLP_Believe (27), @BahamasPLP (1).
Average of retweets 2

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