Panamanian leaders have actively been using Twitter as a means of communication. Former President Ricardo Martinelli frequently made headlines with his personal tweets. His successor, Juan Carlos Varela, the communications office of the government as well as the foreign minister and ministry are active on Twitter.

Tweets from Panama leaders

President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela

Panama’s vice President Juan Carlos Varela won the presidential elections on 4 May 2014 and has been tweeting since 14 January 2011. @JC_Varela tweets personally except when he is at public events his team does the tweeting for him. His team chronicles his activities including pictures and videos in many of his tweets. His family, and most of all his wife @licastillo31, are often mentioned in his tweets and feature in the pictures he posts. Besides a strong social and political content, Varela´s posts often have a religious connotation and appeal to moral, transparency and equity.Varely is unilaterally following 18 other world leaders, and mutually connected with nine of them mainly from Latin America.

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Juan Carlos Varela


Presidente Constitucional de la República de Panamá.

Tweet analytics (as of April 2015)

Joined Twitter: 11/16/2010
Language: Spanish
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 2.98
Retweets: 29%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.18
Replies/Tweet: 0.03
Tweets retweeted: 70%
Most mentioned @licastillo31 (61), @IsabelStMalo (34), @BlandonJose (20), @miltonhenriquez (13), @elmetrodepanama (9), @GianVarela (8), @tvnnoticias (8), @somosmarearoja (8), @FuerzaVarela (7), @carlsimons1 (7).
Average of retweets 73

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Presidency of Panama Presidencia Panamá

Panama’s Presidency set up a Twitter account for the presidential administration on 4 September 2014 and tweets on average more than twelve times per day chronichling the activities of president Juan Carlos Varela. Two-thirds of its tweets are retweets, mainly of other government accounts including the president @JC_Varela. The most used hashtag on the @PresidenciaPma account is #VivaPanamá. @PresidenciaPma is not yet well connected to his peers, mutually following only three other leaders, namely @PresidenciaRD, @luisguillermosr, and @MarianoRajoy.

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Presidencia Panamá


Cuenta Oficial de la Presidencia de la República de Panamá

Tweet analytics (as of April 2015)

Joined Twitter: 09/04/2014
Language: Spanish
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 12.58
Retweets: 60%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.27
Replies/Tweet: 0.00
Tweets retweeted: 40%
Most mentioned @JC_Varela (419), @licastillo31 (21), @protegeryservir (9), @senafrontpanama (8), @SPIPanama (7), @teleton2030 (6), @IsabelStMalo (6), @minsa_panama (6), @luisguillermosr (5), @parlatin (5).
Average of retweets 19

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Foreign Minister of Panama Isabel Saint Malo

Panama’s Foreign Minister Isabel Saint Malo is manaing her Twitter account herself and signs her tweets and personal thoughts with her initials ISMA. @IsabelStMalo tweets on average twice a day, two-thirds of fher tweets being retweets oftn of the president and other media organisations. The account chronicles her activities often posting pictures of her activities.

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Isabel Saint Malo


Cuenta oficial de la Vicepresidenta y Ministra de Relaciones Exteriores de la República de Panamá. Tweets personales son firmados -ISMA.

Tweet analytics (as of April 2015)

Joined Twitter: 06/17/2011
Language: Spanish
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 1.95
Retweets: 63%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.28
Replies/Tweet: 0.13
Tweets retweeted: 26%
Most mentioned @JC_Varela (51), @mauidesaint (36), @drpichel (30), @SittonPedro (19), @tvnnoticias (16), @raisabanfield (12), @prensacom (11), @gigiporras (11), @LinaVegaAbad (9), @UtherDraco (9).
Average of retweets 28

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Foreign Ministry of Panama Cancillería Panamá

Panama’s foreign ministry has set up a new account @CancilleriaPMA on the 14 February 2014, abandoning the previous @CancilleriaPA account which had been silent since 11 December 2013. @CancilleriaPma is well connected with its peers, mutually following eight other Latin American foreign ministries. @CancilleriaPMA tweets on average three times per day, mainly about the activities of Foreign Minister @IsabelStMalo including pictures of her meetings with foreign dignitaries.

CancilleriaPma avatar

Cancillería Panamá


Cuenta Oficial del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de la República de Panamá. Official Account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Panama.

Tweet analytics (as of April 2015)

Joined Twitter: 02/14/2014
Language: Spanish
Status: Active
Tweets/day: 3.43
Retweets: 48%
Mentions/Tweet: 0.29
Replies/Tweet: 0.03
Tweets retweeted: 32%
Most mentioned @IsabelStMalo (146), @LMHincapie (36), @CumbrePanama (22), @tvnnoticias (21), @TReporta (17), @JC_Varela (15), @YouTube (7), @miarosemena (7), @FAlvarezDeSoto (6), @CancilleriaPma (6).
Average of retweets 6

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