South America

Twitter is very popular among Latin American politicians who often tweet personally. All South American countries except Suriname have a Twitter presence. Most presidents have personal Twitter accounts, often with well over a million followers and they frequently communicate with each other on Twitter. An exception is Brazil’s President Dilma Roussef (@dilmabr) who, while popular among her peers, does not follow anyone back and has not tweeted since being elected president in late 2010. Ecuador's Rafael Correa (@MashiRafael) is the most conversational Latin American leader, with 83% of his tweets being @replies to other Twitter users. Brazil's and Peru’s Foreign Ministries are among the best connected, respectively following 15 and 12 other leaders. Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) is Latin America's most followed leader with over 2.1 million followers. Venezuela's presidential administration is the most prolific, averaging over 41 tweets each day.