World Leaders Working the Phones

@PMHarper on the phone@FHollande on the phone@BarackObama on the phone

Over the past years we have looked at thousands of pictures, tweeted by world leaders and found that there are basically three occasions when world leaders pick up the phone:

1)      to confer with their peers on a pressing issue

2)      to congratulate their national team on a win

3)      to convince undecided voters to vote for them

Whenever a government posts a picture showing the leader talking on the phone you know that the situation is serious. The situation is so serious that he needs to take immediate action and the first action item is to pick up the phone and call his peers. We have seen quite a bit of phone diplomacy over the downing of the Malaysia Air #MH17 over Eastern Ukraine and again when Air Algérie flight #AH5017 crashed in Mali. On a more joyous note, leaders will pick up the phones and show it to congratulate their national teams which happened during the Sochi Olympics and the Football World Cup in Brazil. And finally politicians will work the phones to try to convince undecided voters especially during the US election campaign in 2012. We have embedded the tweets of world leaders manning the phones below. It is interesting to note that some leaders still cling to the cabled, and probably secure, fixed line phones. Others have gone mobile, hands free and are using Skype video calls.

On several occasions world leaders have been lampooned for their phone conversations, most notably UK Prime Minister David Cameron and French President François Hollande after talking to the founder of Bla Bla Car who had raised €73 million in funding.