The Magic of LinkedIn Videos

Recently I posted the same video natively on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and guess where it had the most views and received the most interactions?

On LinkedIn the video received 2,716 views, 53 comments and five shares which represents an interaction rate of 59%, considering I have 4,745 contacts on the platform. On Facebook, where I have only half the number of followers the video had eight times less views but still generated a double-digit interaction rate of 13%. On Twitter, where I have twice as many followers as on LinkedIn, the video was only watched 286 times generating a paltry interaction rate of only 3%.

This wasn’t just an isolated incident. Another video I shared on all three platforms had a similar pattern with four times as many views on LinkedIn as it received on Facebook and eight times as many views as on Twitter.

There is a reason why world leaders such as New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Argentine President Mauricio Macri and French President Emmanuel Macron post some of their videos also on LinkedIn with smashing results.

For the French President, LinkedIn has become one of the key video platforms with solid engagement figures. In 2018 the Emmanuel Macron shared 91 posts on LinkedIn two thirds of which were videos posted natively on the platform. While his videos posted in the first four months of 2018 only received modest view counts of several hundred and thousand views, viewing figures magically exploded starting in May 2018 and his videos now often garner more than 250,000 views.

Fifteen of these videos posted on LinkedIn were also posted on his Facebook page and his Twitter account where he has respectively twice and three times as many followers as on LinkedIn.

The videos posted on Facebook received on average 6,485 interactions (comments, likes and shares). The same videos posted on LinkedIn garnered on average almost as many interactions (6,309 interactions), generating an interaction rate (the sum of all interactions divided by the number of posts and the number of followers) of 0.55% almost twice as much as on Facebook with 0.28%. The videos posted on Twitter only garnered 4,457 interactions on average and an interaction rate of only 0.13%.

On YouTube these 15 videos received 729 interactions per video and 37;084 average video views. However, considering that he only has only 27,518 subscribers on his channel the interaction rate is a strong 2,65%.

It was impossible to do an analysis including videos posted on Instagram, however one video made it onto all five social media platforms. Interestingly, the video posted ahead of the UN General Assembly had almost 25,000 interactions and 244,000 views on Instagram, far more than on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube but the same video garnered 280,000 views on LinkedIn.

For many a social media manager LinkedIn is the forgotten social network, the place you once built your CV but never received a response from a head-hunter and often the last place where to post your videos. However, over the past years LinkedIn, despite its staid corporate design, has morphed from a purely employment network to a place where you should share business-related content and videos. Most of the videos posted by Emmanuel Macron on LinkedIn are geared towards the business community with a clear investment angle and which were never shared on his other social media platforms.

However, while posting the same content on all three platforms is generally frowned upon, the engagement you receive on LinkedIn makes it one of the key channels to consider when posting videos that will probably resonate with your professional audience.